Domain Names

Get a name for your web site



Your domain name is kind of a big deal

Your domain name is your address on the Internet. It's how people find you and remember you. If they can't spell it or it's too hard to remember they will need to search for it again. If they do have to search, there's a chance they may go to different site instead. 


  • Make sure you spell it right
  • The .com and .net TLDs are preferable
  • Make sure it's easy to spell
  • Shorter is better

Think quick! What if your domain name is already taken?

There are a millions of websites out there, so it can be very hard to find you first choice. Here are a few tips to help if you have trouble


icon-check.png Your Name

Use your name instead of your business name:

icon-check.png Business Name

Use your business name instead of your name:

icon-check.png Product / Service

Use the name of your product or service:

icon-check.png Location

Try your city, state, or region:

icon-check.png Client Association

Try a description of your ideal client:

icon-check.png Results Driven

Use results that you get for your clients:

icon-check.png Use Keywords

Use keywords that people are searching for:

icon-check.png Use Initials

Use your business' or organization's initials.