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A professional business email that matches your website domain.


Show you are professional

Some businesses use a free email service and neglect using their email to promote their brand and show professionalism. If you were to choose between a business that had a professional email ( or a free email service - chances are you’d pick the professional email address. So would 90% of customers.

A professional business email address reasserts legitimacy and professionalism to your customers. 

5 Pack Plus

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 $3.75 a Month

Includes 5 x 1 GB Mailboxes

10 Pack Plus

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 $7.50 a Month

Includes 10 x 1 GB Mailboxes


50 Pack Plus

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 $37.50 a Month

Includes 50 x 1 GB Mailboxes

25 Pack Plus

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$18.75 a Month

Includes 25 x 1 GB Mailboxes

Promote your Brand

Your brand is important and your email address is an essential part of your brand. It is on your business cards, your email signature, and possibly in the contact page of your website

Using your domain name as your email address ( is an opportunity to promote your business.

This is why SiteDart includes email hosting with each of our web site plans.

Privacy and Spam Protection

Your email services should belong to you. Your email should be private.

Some of these free email services use the content of their customer’s emails to advertise products and target those customers. Email service providers shouldn’t be spying on its customers email to target them for advertising.

SiteDart’s email service plans include spam protection to eliminate 99% of time-wasting junk email.


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