How to Use Instagram for your Business


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The Power of Instagram

Instagram boasts more than 80 million users, not to mention a $1 billion purchase by Facebook. This wide acceptance and use, coupled with being owned by a seemingly unstoppable social media juggernaut, provides the perfect venue for a business to reach its customers.

Instagram for Business Via Visual Branding

  • Human beings are very visual creatures. We react either positively or negatively to an image, and that response is almost always instantaneous. An image of a waterfall might bring calm to a frustrated day. A photo of McDonald's golden arches may stir up feelings of hunger.

Use this visual recognition to your company's advantage. By sharing pictures on Instagram, you can help both potential and current customers immediately identify your business with a series of photos. For example, if you are selling baked goods, you can share photos of a cake at your store. If you are in the finance industry, you can post pictures of happy clients signing the mortgage on their first house. The possibilities are endless, but the real goal is to help customers identify your business with the images you provide.

Instagram for Business as a Promotional Tool

  1. By utilizing photographs in your promotions, customers will feel more engaged with your business.
  2. It gives more of a behind-the-scenes view of your business.
  3. Photos of upcoming product launches, new recipes, or anything else that can allow a "story" to be told by way of pictures.

There is no reason to be too clever. Just post naturally and allow the power of Instagram to connect with your customers on a personal level, and you will see a bump in success.

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