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The heart of any website is the content management system (CMS), the tool you use to map out your site pages and put the right content in the right place. SiteDart uses Wordpress, the most popular website tool on the planet, to make our sites easy to navigate and update.

Simple but powerful CMS

The beauty of WordPress is that it is powerful yet simple to use. While it started as a simple way to manage blog posts, WordPress has evolved to become not only a complete CMS, but a full-fledged website management tool. In fact, today it powers nearly 25% of all websites.

WordPress highlights

The features and functions WordPress provides include:

  • Publishing tools that make it easy to manage your content, including creating drafts, scheduling publication and managing revisions.
  • Media management tools that enable you to quickly and easily edit, upload, and publish images along with captions and titles.
  • Thousands of website themes to choose from to create a site that’s just right for you – or upload your own theme if you like.
  • User management tools that ensure everyone who plays a role in managing your site – including administrators, authors, contributors, designers and editors – have only the access right they need.
  • Thousands of plugins to choose from to add additional features and functions, including social networking, forums, calendars, security, forms and lots more.

Packages for any budget

SiteDart can also manage your site for you, with managed WordPress offerings that fit any small business website size and budget.

Click here for more details on what’s included with each managed WordPress option.

It’s never been simpler to build a professional, content-rich website - thanks to SiteDart and WordPress.


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