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Building a website is a great first step. But now you’ve got to ensure potential customers find it. SiteDart can help.

SEO Tools are included in each plan

SiteDart includes SEO tools in every plan. Our beginner plan includes Starter SEO tools. All other plans include the more advanced Evo SEO tool.

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Websites typically underperform

Websites typically underperform. There I said it. It is rare to find a small business owner that doesn’t want more website traffic. After all, every website visitor is potentially a new customer. So the problem is getting a web page to rank higher in the search engine results when visitors search for the kind of services and product you offer. Optimizing your website for better search engine results is, basically, what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is about.

A lot of business owners may not know exactly what SEO is, but they do know they need it.

Over 500,000,000 search results for SEO

It’s no wonder small business owners are overwhelmed with technical information about how to improve their SEO. There are some real SEO experts like Rand Fishkin. But for every Rand Fishkin, there are dozens of questionable operators.

Inboxes are clogged with spam from self-proclaimed SEO gurus claiming results too good to be true. SEO jargon is almost indecipherable for most small businesses. SEO has developed a reputation for being some kind of mystic art. “Now that your website is up, you need a little eye of newt to get visitors”.

Well, SEO isn’t magical and it doesn’t take an SEO “guru” to improve your Search Engine ranking.

What it does take is this:

  • Some technical understanding of how search engines work
  • Improving your website
  • An understanding of how your potential clients search for the products or services you offer

With the glut of SEO information available, it's time consuming for any small business. We wanted to provide SiteDart customers with an effective, intuitive SEO tool that really helps small businesses improve their SEO.

An effective, intuitive SEO tool

SiteDart’s SEO partner is MarketGoo. MarketGoo has developed cool SEO tools that gives small business owners the information they need to fix SEO problems and the guidance to improve on their SEO. It’s easy to use and eliminates jargon. MarketGoo scans your website,  analyzes your SEO , makes recommendations and prioritzes the recommendations. Our SEO tool will even submit your site to Google, Bing and Yahoo as well as directories. Each month you'll get a report detailing your SEO progress.

Here is an example of the monthly report.


Tl;dr (too long; didn't read)

SiteDart includes search engine optimization tools powered by MarketGoo in every plan. Make it easier for your potential clients to find you. SEO "Guru" not required.


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