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Manage your social media accounts from a single dashboard

Introducing Soshlr, the Social Media Mangement Solution for businesses that lets you easily manage your social media pages. The simple user hierarchy makes managing your social media business pages together with colleagues an absolute delight.  Sohslr will give you the control you need over the world's largest customer engagement platforms.  

Soshlr is included in all of our website packages.

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Key Features


Use on dashboard to manage all your social media accounts from a single login. 

 Central Management
Centrally  manage your social media presence with greater control and visibility of activity - both community and user.
 Security and Brand Control
A business can now protect their brand on social media with Soshlr's built in user and brand controls.

Schedule posts and campaigns across one or more platforms and pages simultaneiously, minimizing the need to individually log into each platform or page to make a post.
 Analytics and Reports

See post performance, generate reports based on posts or pages and get a quick aggregated overview of success for a specified timeframe.

 Asset Management

Mange content and view community feeds across multiple business pages and accounts across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn from a single dashboard.

 Language Support

Supports multiple languages so each user can navigate the solution in their own native language.
 Approval Process

Built in approval mechanisms to enable a business greater control over content publishing.
 Individual User Permissions

No need to grant users direct access to a social media account anymore, rather give them access to Soshlr. Control and monitor user access with a built-n granular user permission structure.
 Central Visibility

Centrally view all standard platform analytics, community feeds and campaign activity for your pages, from a single dashboard.
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 Media Library

Store and share content such as graphics and pre-approved text and video links, giving perfect control over what images and content is published.


Platform Integrations

Office 365

Soshlr allows you to connect your Office 365 account. Once connected, Soshlr will create a calendar in Outlook.  This calendar will show all your scheduled posts as wll as posts scheduled by others. It is possible to edit, delete or approve posts straight from your Outlook calendar.


Soshlr provides seamless integration with the Dropbox cloud storage solution. Easily pick your images straight from your Dropbox account and attach them to the right message. Ideal for group collaborations


As part of the Office365 suite OneDrive is becoming increasingly popular among business users. Once connected use OneDrive to upload images to your posts.

Social Media Management is included in all of SiteDart's plans

To help small businesses take full advantage of their social media presence, SiteDart includes Soshlr Starter in every package. Soshlr Solo includes a single user and manages a combination of 3 pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Twitter.

Social Media, it's where your clients are

Facebook has over 1.7 billion monthly active users, Twitter has over 300 million users and LinkedIn has over 100 million. It's no wonder that businesses are spending more time posting to social networks. It's a great way for them to grow their brand, engage clients, and reach potential new clients.

A social media presence is a major component of a total online business presence. But maintaining a social media presence takes time. Logging into multiple social media networks takes coordination to make sure your message is posted on each social media platform.

It's a dilemma for Small Business Owners

Managing social media creates dilemma for small business owners who are already busy running their business: "How much time and effort should I put into social media?". Some business owners grind it out and do a great job. Others post sporadically and sometimes miss posting on all of their accounts. Some just use Facebook and skip the others, ignoring hundreds of millions of users on other networks.  Others skip social networks all together so they can focus on operating their business. Some outsource their social media by handing it over to an employee or a social media “guru”, losing editorial control and potentially losing control of their social accounts.

Soshlr makes it easier.

We’ve worked with our partner, Soshlr, to reduce the time and effort it takes to manage social media. Soshlr manages your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts from one dashboard. Soshlr makes it easier to create, delete, schedule and monitor  posts, create campaigns, and analyze your posts to see what worked and what didn't.  Access to Instagram is limited to monitoring your feed. Currently, Instagram doesn't allow creating or deleting posts via their API. 

With Soshlr’s multi-user plans, business owners can farm out their social media while maintaining control over their account. Users log into Soshlr, Soshlr logs into your social media account.  You don't ever have to give your username and password to employees  or outside agencies. 

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Tl;dr (too long; didn't read)

SiteDart includes social media management software powered by Soshlr in every plan. Social networks are important and managing them should be easy.

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