Automatic Website Backup

Don’t risk losing customer data or your valuable website pages. With SiteDart automated backup, you can be sure you’ll be able to restore your site to its original glory.

Be prepared for the wild, wild Web

Between malicious hackers, natural disasters or just nasty weather, there’s no shortage of threats that can cause a Web site to crash. Even big guys like Google and Amazon Web Services have had their share of problems.

The key is being able to quickly restore your site to its original state - without losing any valuable data. SiteDart knows accomplishing that requires a sound website backup strategy. We feel so strongly about it, we provide backup to all customers at no additional charge, right out of the gate.

Simple, secure site and database backup

SiteDart protects your site with an array of cloud-based backup solutions, including:

  • Website backup - On a daily basis we back up all site folders and subfolders, automatically. You can even back up multiple websites under a single account.
  • Scheduled backups - If you prefer, you can schedule your own backups on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, as a time that’s best for you.
  • Database backups - We’ll also perform a daily backup of all your important customer, product and service data.
  • Availability monitoring - You’ll be able to monitor the uptime of your website from any web browser or mobile device and get notified by email or text in the event of a server or network outage.
  • Sound security - All backups are performed via secure connections and data is encrypted for storage.
  • Easy restores - Our one-click download feature makes it a breeze to download all the files associated with any backup and upload them to your Web server.
  • Performance reports - Analyze the response time visitors to your site see from anywhere in the world, down to the millisecond, and create charts to show performance.
  • View new and modified files - Verify any changes you make to the site and ensure they’re backed up properly. You can also roll the site back to a previous version if you change your mind.

Packages for every need and budget

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